1. Greek pots, such as the Black-Figure Panel Amphora, were functional as well as beautiful. Click here to see a picture of the different types of Greek pots. One group of these pots was used to hold perfume. The potters made these vessels smaller, just the way cologne makers of today sell their products in small bottles. Being small also meant they were easy to carry in a bag or garment. The potters also made the opening very small. This made it possible to pour out the liquid in small droplets and to close the vessel easier.

With this information, see if you can identify the perfume bottles. (The answers are aryballos, lekythos, or alabastron.)

2. The Portrait of Isabelle Lemonnier shows us a fashionable young Parisian woman from the 1870s. She looks like she might enjoy shopping. Look through magazines or catalogues and find pictures of shoes. Choose a good pair of shoes for Isabelle Lemonnier. Explain your choice.

Did most young women in 1870s Paris spend their time shopping, visiting friends, or traveling to the countryside? Using your school's library, research the role of women in late 19th century Paris. When you have finished, make a comparison with the role of young women in Dallas today.

3. In Still Life with Landscape, Abraham Van Beyeren gathered together objects which represented the luxuries of his time. If you were painting such a picture today, list which objects you would choose to express the same idea.

4. Study a map of Europe. Locate the places of origin of the sixteen different works of art you have seen in these materials. You may also want to make a timeline that locates these objects in time.