1940s Abstract Expressionism
1945 First atomic bomb detonated in New Mexico
1945 WWII ends
1945 The FCC sets aside 12 channels for commercial television
1946 First electronic computer
1947 First U.S. plane to break the sound barrier
1948 Invention of the transistor
1948 Marshall Plan provides $17 billion in aid for Europe
1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization is established
1949 USSR tests its first atomic bomb

1950 Korean war begins
1951 First color TV broadcast
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower elected U.S. President
1953 Soviet leader Stalin dies, Khrushchev begins rise to power
1954 Segregation outlawed by the Supreme Court
1954 I Love Lucy begins
1956 Elvis Presley sings Rock and Roll
1958 Xerox produces 1st commercial copying machine
1959 Castro comes to power in Cuba

1960s Colorfield and Pop
1961 Berlin wall built
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1962 Chubby Checkers sings "Let's Do the Twist"
1963 John F. Kennedy assassinated
1965 Viet Nam War begins
1966 The Cultural Revolution begins in China
1968 Martin Luther King assassinated
1969 First man lands on the moon
1969 Woodstock music festival

1970s Minimalism
1970 Earth day launches the environmental movement
1970 National Guard kills 4 students at Kent State
1972 Cowboys win the Super Bowl
1973 Vietnam war ends
1976 America celebrates the Bicentennial
1976 Elvis dies
1977 Star Wars premiers
1977 First manned shuttle flight
1979 American hostages held in revolutionary Iran
1979 Compact disc developed