1. James Rosenquist's Paper Clip mixes images from advertising with images of common objects to communicate a message about the state of affairs in the 1970s. Using magazines, newspapers, and other sources of advertisements and images, create a collage that represents the 2000s.

2. As a class, you looked at Robert Rauschenberg's painting Skyway, and talked about how it reflected history. Be an historian and investigate the connections more closely.
a. Make a list of the recognizable elements within the painting.
b. Connect each of these elements to actual historical events or movements.
c. Determine how useful Skyway is to an understanding of the history of the period.
d. Write up your findings.
Finally, discuss the following question among yourselves: "How do works of art bring different times to life?"

3. Robert Motherwell's painting Elegy to the Spanish Republic is in some way connected to Pablo Picasso's Guernica. By using the encyclopedia, the dictionary, and other reference materials, find out more about the subject of each of these paintings and then decide how they relate.

4. James Rosenquist and other Pop artists explored and used the imagery of advertising. People who create advertising affect most of us on a daily basis. We see their work on television, in newspapers, on product packaging, and on billboards. They hope to influence us to buy whatever it is they are selling.

Divide the class into two groups. Assign each group to take part in one side of a debate. Here is the question:
"Is advertising good or bad?"