1. The ceramic sculpture, Dog with human mask, was buried in a person's tomb.  This sculpture may have represented a story about the dog who meets people on the way to the underworld.  Write your own story that features an animal playing the most important role?



2. Look carefully at the gold, Sicán Ceremonial mask.  Imagine you are the archaeologist who uncovered this mask.  Write the article that you will give to the newspapers to announce your find.  Be sure to include a good visual description of the mask.  When writing your article, recall the information provided about the archaeologist, Izumi Shimada, discovering an undisturbed Sicán tomb in 1991.  He found over a ton of grave goods that included a gold mask as well as other metal objects!  In your writing, think about where the mask was found, who it belonged to, and why it might have been important.